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Brock University
Caroline Starrs

thJan 17 2012SCIE 1P51 Science and TechnologyNotesFraud in Science FRAUD IN SCIENCE y VioxxBombardier et al 2000 submitted to NEJMauthors omitted data that detailed three deaths associated with the NSAID in their paper y CelebrexSilverstein et al 2000 submitted to JAMAauthors omitted 6 months of that data they had collected comparing Celebrex to Ibuprofen and Diclofenac y Scott RubenCelebrex y Vaccines and Autism y Vaccines with a mercury based preservative was originally linked to autism y Study by William Wakefield published in the Lancet 1998based on selected 12 cases y Before article vaccination rates in UK were 91 for MMR y After article 50 y Wakefield was working on a rival vaccine and had been paid 1 million dollar to prove that the current vaccine was dangerous y Many studies later have shown his work to be fraudulent y Lancet retracted his paper February 2010 GOOD SCIENCEBAD SCIENCE y Cold Fusion 1989 o Martin Fleishman and Stanley Pons COLD FUSION y Martin Fleischmann Southampton and Stanley Pons Utah sustained nuclear fusion at room temperature producing 4 W from 1 W input thJan 17 2012y Excess heat observed from electrolytic cells containing hydrogen and palladium y March 11 1989 they submit paper to the Journal of Analytical Electrochemistry rdy March 23 University calls press conference y Physicists announce Nuclear Fusion achieved in Utah Lab y Network News Announcement y Hundreds of Experiments begin with in days y No expensive equipment y Some other labs detected Fusion y Utah wants federal funds 25 million for a Cold Fusion Institute y There is no conclusive evidence of cold fusion y All detections of excessive energy differ y Results from other experimental factors y Errors found in poorly designed experiments y Ethical Missteps o Circumventing the peerreview process o Fudging data Probably notCold Fusion is a fringe area of science COLD FUSIONENCORE y Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi o ECatEnergy Catalyzer o Low energy Nuclear Reaction
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