SCLC 1F90 Lecture Notes - Theism, Purgatory, Human Nature

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I read through all the threads on the final exam and although some of
you posted very helpful notes (of which I am extremely thankful), no
body posted a direct comparison of the three religions. I went to a few
websites to get a better idea of the major themes/topics when
comparing the religions and here is a basic guideline that I think will be
helpful to you when you study. For now, I am going to just put the
outlines but hopefully by tomorrow, I will update my post with more
detailed notes on each point.
For each of the points, I will first mention Islam, then Judaism, and
finally Christianity in that respective order. [I typed this in Wordpad, so
excuse my grammar and spelling mistakes]
- The adherents are called Muslims, Jews, and Christians
- There are 1.3 billion Muslims, 14 million Jews and 2 billion Christians
- Islam is the 2nd largest, Judaism 12th and Christianity the current
largest religion in the world
- Major concentrations are in the Middle east, and South East Asia for
Islam; Israel, Europe and USA for Judaism; Europe North and South
America, rapid growth in Africa for Christianity
- Sacred texts: Qur’an (Koran) for Islam, Bible (Old Testaments) for
Judaism, Bible (Jewish Bible + New Testament)
- Other written authorities include the Hadith for Islam; Talmud,
Midrash and Responsa for Judaism; Church fathers, Church councils,
papal decrees (Catholic only) for Christians
- Religious law include the Sharia for Islam; Halakhah for Judaism;
Canon Law for Christianity
- The clergies include the Imams for Islam; the Rabbis for Judaism;
Priests, ministers, pastors and bishops for Christianity
- House of worship: Mosque for Islam; Synanogue for Judaism;
church, chapel and cathedral for Christianity
- The main day of worship: Friday for Islam; Saturday for Judaism;
Sunday for Christianity
- Date founded: 622 CE Islam; Judaism apparently is unknown (correct
me if im wrong); c. 33 CE Christianity
- Place of foundation: Saudi Arabia for Islam; Palestine for Judaism and
- Founder of the religions: Muhammad for Islam; Moses/Abraham for
Judaism; Jesus for Christianity
- Original languages: Arabic for Islam; Hebrew for Judaism; Aramaic,
Greek for Christianity
- Early expansion: with in 12 years, entire Arabian peninsula; within
100 years, Islam stretched from the Atlantic to China (Islam); there
was little expansion for Judaism, mostly confied to Palestine (Judaism);
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