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lecture 3

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Daniel Glenday

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Sociological theoryIs an explanation offered to account for a specific group of social facts or phenomenaTheoretical Perspectives in Sociology5 different theoriesSymbolic interactionismStructural functionalismSocial conflictFeminismPostmodernismEmergent theories QUEER theorySymbolic Interactionism Symbols objects or events to which we attach meaning are the basis ofsocial lifeWe are able to interact with others because we share an understanding of the meaning of certain symbolsKey figuresCharles Horton Cooley 18641929George Herbert Mead 18631947Functional analysis structural functionalismSociety is a whole unit made up of interrelated parts that work togetherMachine metaphor and pathologyKey figuresEmile DurkheimTalcott ParsonRobert K Merton
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