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Sociology Lecture- November 28, 2013  Conclude lecture on Race & Racialization  Brief Overview of films shown in class  Discuss literature Review 2  Exam Study Guide  Course Evaluations 1. Race: The Power of an Illusion Movie Overview  Racial classifications are arbitrary; somebody makes up what defines racial classification.  No core relations between race, genetics and behavior.  No genetic markers of race.  Physical diversity, skin color, hair color, etc. is a result of human migration and living in different geographic regions.  Film concludes if race is not real that there are no genetic markers, social scientists argue that race is a social construct.  Race is an idea it is a myth.  Slavery (trans Atlantic slave trade) to be bought and sold forced to work, purchased at birth, all under control of the slave master, anywhere from 12- 22 million Africans were forced into the transatlantic slave trade. 1415 it started. 18 century most of the slave trade occurred.  1923 no Chinese could enter Canada because of their race. 2. Mickey Mouse Monopoly Movie Overview  Argues that Disney is not innocent entertainment.  Film analyzes the impact of Disney for race and gender and equality.  Explains that Disney is large media cooperation and has control over the images and media we consume.  Became the dominant storyteller for children.  Has the power to affect children’s imagination.  Disney targets young children.  Sociologists believe Mistake to believe that media impacts us immediately, it is suddle and insidious.  Images shape how we think, encoded with ideologies.  Affect our beliefs systems and constructions of reality.  Live in a media base environment.  Disney plays a huge role in shaping our gender and race.  Support gender socialization and gender inequality.  Affect children’s perce
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