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Classical SociologythThursday September 19 2013Quiz How Much Do You Know About Sociological TheoryTheoretical Approaches FunctionalismConflict theorySymbolic Interactionism Critical Review of ApproachesEmile DurkheimKarl MarxMax Weber How Much Do You Know About The Sociological PerspectiveSociological Imagination1 Peter Berger described using the sociological perspective as seeing thein the Agood worst tragediesBnew oldCspecific generalDgeneral particular2 Following the thinking of C Wright Mills we would have expected the sociological imagination to be more widespreadADuring times of peace and prosperityBAmong the very richCAmong very religious peopleDDuring times of social crisis 3 Which of the following examples illustrates a microlevel focus AThe operation of the Canadian economyBPatterns of global terrorismCTwo people on an airplane getting to know one anotherDClass inequality in the armed forces4 The statement that poverty leads to crime is an example of Acommon sense thinkingBa cause and effect relationshipChuman natureDbehaviourism5 C Wright Mills claimed that the sociological imagination transformedAcommon sense into laws of societyBpublic issues into personal problems
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