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Kathy Deliovsky

CulturethOctober 24 2013FilmMickey Mouse MonopolyWhat is Culture 1 Nonmaterial culture 2 Material cultureElements of CultureSymbolsLanguageValuesNorms laws sanctions EthnocentrismCultural RelativityMercator Map a cultural expressionFilmMickey Mouse MonopolyDisney controls so much media it is hard to mediate the imagesDisney monopolized the market of how they can be seen publicallyBased on fantasyHave power to mold childrens imagination globallymakes us think are these what we want them to hearImages can shape what we know and what we see in our worldsWe develop our understandings from cultural institutions around usDisney wraps up caricatures of gender rolesGirl must be dainty oversexualized seductive use body for manipulation eg Jasmine in Aladdin cant save themselves get into trouble easily enjoy cooking and cleaning eg Snow White pardoning eg Belle interprets the Beasts abuse as a temperDisney must change their themes as time changes eg Ariel claims freedom from father Milan almost singlehandedly winsStereotypes Latino characters are Chihuahuas and does something they shouldnt Black people are shown as animals who are almost like men gorillas apes crows the white man tames the animals and the Natives eg Tarzan Asian characters are shown with stereotypical physical features and are cunning eg Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp Chinese women are taught to be valued with marriagenot real in China but they are displayed as oppressive Arab are shown as exotic and barbaric Aladdinlook at Orientalism Natives live in teepees make Native noises and are savages eg Peter PanDisney text somehow rewrite history eg colonialism in PocahontasWhat is Culture
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