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Kathy Deliovsky

FamiliesrdJanuary 23 2014Institution complex social form that includes the way humans undertake their societiesFamily as an Important Social InstitutionComplex institutions humans devised to channel how we raise and produce childrenFunctionalismSociologists have argued that without understanding families you cant understand societiesFunctionalists argue that family is the most fundamental institution in society fundamental for the good of societythFunctionalists came from a particular time albeit American 20 centurySocialismwithout families there wouldnt be society site of socialization for children otherwise were feral and socialization makes us humanSociology of the family emerged from the functionalist perspective without functionalism we wouldnt have sociology of the familySenator David VitterwwwyoutubecomwatchvJ9mKY80AmqkfeaturerelatedWhat family is he describingTraditional nuclear family heterosexual parents and dependent legitimate childrenOne proper form of familyWhat is the main practice that he links to the formation of the familyMarriage most important institution in human history is at the heart of the nuclear familyWhat happens when people dont grow up in this familyDeviantTeenage pregnancyFailures not productive to societyDrug abuseJailPeople need to grow up in this family for the overall health of the familyFunctionalism ContOne proper form of family nuclearFunctionalists argue humans have an innate drive to procreate longterm stable heterosexual relationshipsDespite the basis being biological functionalists argue that the functions are social4 Functions of the Family
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