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Kathy Deliovsky

Sociology of the BodythJanuary 9 20141Body as a Conceptual Blind Spot in SociologyWHYGrounded in philosophyRen Descartes Theory of the Human SubjectArgued that humans are characterised by consisting of a mind consciousness and thinking and a body physical material shell that houses the mindaBinary dualism one is what the other isnt two categories are related to each other but in opposition and in a hierarchy eg woman and man white and not whitebMindbody binary body is not mind mind is not body mind is privilegedthe body is just the shellcHierarchy of Worth mind valued body devalueddCogito ergo sum I think therefore I am humanity is defined by thinking because I can think I am a humaneRationality protected from irrationality the mind must be protected from the bodyReason needs protection from the bodyBody site of passion emotion desire irrationalityThreatens reasonMust be controlled so it does not interfere with the operation of the mindfConsequences of this binary thinkingBody has been ignored because the mind was valuedFixed natural entity unrelated to social lifeBody as naturalthLate 20 century shift in thinkingBody reconceptualised asImportant aspect of social lifeSite of social struggleA SOCIAL entity vs natural entity2Body as a Social EntitySociology of the bodyNot naturalMany social relations are embodied literally play out through the body gender sexuality race classBody is plasticHow is the body socialWe alter our bodies to gain social acceptance and normalcyCombat the signs of agingyouth is valued3Body as a Social Construction Site1
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