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Kathy Deliovsky

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Crime Law and Moral RegulationthFebruary 6 2014Criminology is a subdiscipline of sociologyCriminologists have been preoccupied with 4 main questionsHow has criminal law developed over timeHow are they changedHow is criminal law used to define what we understand as crimeWhat causes people to break criminal lawsWhy do people commit crimesWhat methods are used by the state to control criminal behaviourCalled moral regulation formal and informalCritical CriminologyWhat do we understand as crimeSocially constructed social in natureSocial relations structure perceptions of crimeAlternative perspectivesoObjective laws vs socially constructed crimeoCrime is objectivecertain acts are objectively criminaloSelfevident acts that break objective lawsoSocial variation in criminalityoEg class homosexuality consumption of alcoholChanges over time implies that crime is socialCrime is structured in inequalityCriminalisation of povertyThe poor are criminalised more than the wealthyEg Shoplifting vs corporate tax evasionCriminalizing homelessness eg public nuisance laws cant sleep in a public place loiteringSafe Streets Act squeegee lawRestricts how poor people can surviveCriminalisation is RacializedRace as strong predictor of reported crimeRacialized minorities overrepresented in correctional systemIndigenous 4 of population 14 of prisonersBlack 2 of population 6 of prisonersMore likely to be arrested convicted punishedWhat we understand as crime and appropriate crime control are infused with power relations saying crime is fair doesnt hold any empirical waterLegal system is structured by racism1
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