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Kathy Deliovsky

Aging and HealththFebruary 27 2014ConnotationsPhysical deteriorationPsychological declineBehavioural changeWhy is aging socially problematic Induces shame and embarrassment our culture is youth obsessedConceal aging makeup surgeries young partners etcCritical Sociological Perspective on AgingPhysical aging is universal and inescapableDifferent value attached to different ages differs based on cultureValue is historically and culturally specificAge stratification historically and culturally variableSocial ranking by age a hierarchy of value some people are more valued simply based on ageDifferential access to resources rewards opportunities based on ageChanges over time and between culturesMiddle aged people have most access to resources especially among employment work those under 25 and those who are retired are often the most poorAge hierarchyAge hierarchy produces age inequalitiesAgeismInequality resulting from age stratificationUsing age to define an individuals capabilities and social worth and to determine access to resources opportunitiesEg thinking someone who is 65 is less capable of performing a jobDemonstrates that aging is a physical and social processAging is not personal its socialpower relationAge discrimination people act on ideas of age valueAge discrimination in the workplace httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvk05hfCPzP0cTarget audience 2732Many feel older workers are set in their ways and inflexibleTo secure positions they should stress theyre focused experienced and productive because they have less timeFunctionalist Perspective on AgingDisengagement TheoryAging disrupts the smooth social functioning1
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