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Kathy Deliovsky

Mass MediathMarch 13 2014Mass MediaMass Media institutions that use these means of communication to communicate with large numbers of peopleIdea communicateCoined in the 20snow media can be distributed on a mass level national newspaper radio etcMedia messages communicatedMedium means of communication internet is a means not facebookSocial process of communicationSociological Questions Related to Mass MediaWhat messages are communicatedWhy are they importantMany messages reproduce inequalitiesHow the social process of communication operatesWhat are the outcomeseffects of messagesEg television shows used to be about middle class heterosexual familiesOmnipresence of Mass Media in Everyday Life2008 video games boys 23 hours girls 2 hours university men are 16 hours2011 average US teenager consumed 10 hours 45 minutes of media a dayMedia organize social relations which makes sociologists consider social relevance and effectsSociological Theories of Mass MediaFunctionalismFunctions that enable smooth operation of societyCharles Wright 1959Mass Communications A Sociological PerspectiveoArgues that these are the 5 functions of the media1InformoMost importantoWhats going on and what are the imminent dangers2Set agendasoSets parameters not everything is presented in the mediaoShapes the range of issues shown discussed and thought aboutoWe discuss current mediaoWe choose to restrict our media by listening to certain news stations3SocializationoYou learn expectations and values through mass media
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