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EnvironmentthMarch 27 2014What is Environmental SociologyEnvironmental Society study of the interaction among the physical environment human social organisation institutions and structures and social behaviourPuts inhumanity into the equation not just physical environmentHarper government gutted the environmental industryConnects human decisions with the environmentQuestions Asked by Environmental SociologistsSociology has historically sidelined environmental questions1What social forces drive environmental problemsSocial problems2What institutional factors prevent adequate responses to these problemsIf we know this is a problem why are we not solving this3How do we solve these problemsInstead of how to reverse the problems what can we do at a social levelEaster Island A Parable for Our TimeEarlier societies created environmental problems that undermined their material survivalbasically killed themselves off by ruining their environments cutting down trees destroyed arable land fishedhunted too muchFamous BooksJared Diamond CollapseRonald Wright A Short History of ProgressBoth authors talk about Easter IslandEaster Island has huge carvings but no animals or humansUsed to be a tropic oasis and was supposed to have had humansTrees were used to move and raise the statueshttpwwwyoutubecomwatchvgfbQAKrx9QCompetitions for building the biggest statuesHierarchal societyoWho could build the highestoBased on wealth and competitionCut down trees soil erosion caused the statues to get buried and the wildlife diedNo canoes houses cooking fuel and fruit after the use of all the treesCivil was over lack of resourcesActs as a parable this has happened before and we are in the process again eg dependency on fossil fuelsWhy and How are we Experiencing Environmental Destruction1
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