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Sara Cumming

Freud proposed that there were 5 stages of development Freud believed that few people successfully completed all 5 of the stages Instead he felt that most people tied up their libido at one of the stages which prevented them from using that energy at a later stageoralfed and feel positive sensations through mouth analtoilet training and childs first experience of self control phallicboys and girls become aware of their gender differences often touch themselves latentsex drive is dormant just beginning to emerge just before adolescence genitalwhen sex becomes the focus of your life ORAL Stage This occurs from birth to about 1 year and the libido is focussed on the mouth The individual may be frustrated by having to wait on another person being dependent on another person Being fixated at this stage may mean an excessive use of oral stimulation such as cigarettes drinking or eating ANAL Stage This period occurs about age 2 and 3 yrs Here individuals have their first encounter with rules and regulations as they have to learn to be toilet trained This encounter with rules and regulations will dictate the later behavior with rules and regulations The libido is focussed anally and frustration may arise from having to learn a somewhat complex cognitive and motor response Being fixated at this stage can result in stinginess stubborness or orderliness as well as messiness Essentially behavior related to retention and expulsion may be related to experiences at this stagePHALLIC Stage This period starts about age 45 years Some critical episodes for development occur during this stage but these episodes occur differently for boys and girlsOedipus conflictthe boy begins to have sexual desires for his mother and sees his father as a rival for her affections The boy begins to fear that his father is suspicious of his longing for his mother and that the father will pu
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