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Sara Cumming

GLOBALIZATIONComplex chains of interdependencies that link the local and the globalGlobalization can be defined by Osama Bin LadenFirst used in 1960sBuzzword in 1990sCaptured increasingly interdependent nature of social lifeGlobality social condition characterized by global interconnections and flows that make many existing borders and boundaries irrelevantGlobalization set of social processes that produce globalityThe term refers to a set of social processes that transform our social condition into one of globality creates social changeIts the end product or social outcome of multiple interconnections economic political cultural and environmental What is driving globalization Is globalization a uniform or uneven process How does it differ from previous social developments Does it create new forms of inequality or hierarchy It has 5 characteristics that make it different from other social processes 1 Creationcreates new social networks in ways that overcome traditional boundaries satellite news allows new social arrangements to transcend social boundaries 2 Expansion and stretching of social relations and activities over space can find commodities of any region in the world anywhere we go businesses social plugs countless global institutions like the UN 3 Intensifies and ac
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