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Lecture 5

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Sara Cumming

Lecture 5Media Receive between 30005000 product impression per dayNaomi Klein No LogoDo logos honestly impact us What do they tell us about society Ourselves What are our perceptions of people who purchase specific labelsIn brock we have one brand that you see all around the schoolBecause of this brand marketing we have become mindless consumersWhen you see BMW and Audi you see nice cars you should have wealth forCelebrity culturepopularizing certain people who society says has certain attributes that make them exceptional o In history people used to have talent and positive attributes o Now you are famous for no other reason Paris Hilton is famous because her parents have money because she released a sex tape and people followed her aroundAdvertising and GenderKilling us softly video o Women sex objects o Bodies shown in pieces o Sells normalcy o Tells us what it means to be good looking o Ridiculously thin flawless big breasted o Sells what is actually impossible o Attempts to rectify the problemDove campaign for real beauty launched in 2004mission was to make women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful every day Campaign inspired by the real truth about beauty o Through this study they wanted to understand the idea of women and beauty so the sent a a questionnaire to 2000 different women in 10 different countries o Wanted to know how women determine beauty define beauty learn level of satisfaction with womens beauty and understand impact beauty has on wellbeing of women o Findings only 2 of women around the world consider themselves beautiful 81 of women in the US strongly agree that media sells unrealistic standards of beauty o Only 5 of women felt comfortable as describing themselves as pretty while only 9 could feel comfortable with describing themselves as attractive o These dove commercials are an example of cause marketing corporations take on a cause to seem more humanitarian in order to attract customerssuch as Ronald McDonald house Tim Hortons camp cocacola polerbears o Dove hired only average looking women these women ranged from 612 but the average size is size 14 with celluilite
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