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Lecture 6

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Sara Cumming

SOCI 1F90Lecture 6 EducationTuition CutsWith the tuition cuts government scholarships and funding are also being cutCopy right is changing no more music videos newspaper articles charts from textbooks which means students will have to purchase everythingAny reading outside of the textbook will now be an extra costEducation Framing the IssuesEducation is formal in CanadaDepending on how industrialized a country is depends on how educated a country becomesA constellation of norms values and practicesA team of specialists both inside the classroom and outside of itA specific location for systematic instruction or knowledge production school college universityAppropriate equipment computer systemsFunctions of educationCitizenshipo what It means to be a citizen in the world what your responsibilities are what your rights areKnowledge and skillo give you a specific skill setFoster individual developmentCanadas EducationCanada spends a significant amount of money on educationEducation is undergoing a profound transformation todaySchools are often blamed for societys ills o Canada spends 61 of GDP on education o Despite tuition fees and punishing debt loads students still continue to flock to university education o 49 increase in number of applications to university since 2000 o Canadians pay an average of 5000 for tuition o Dropout rate has fallen from 166 to 85 o Importance of education is growing in society o Is it about our want to be good citizens or in order to get a job o BAs mean less than they do before o Those without a high school degree have the highest unemployment rate 22 in 2009 o Now education is just seen as a means to the end o Canada has one of the highest literacy rates although 40 of Canadians lack basic formal literacy skills o Violence in schools has become a major problem o Student are accused of suffering terminal overdose of media
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