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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 work and economy.docx

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Sara Cumming

thOutlineMarch 7 2012 The Economy and Work PART 1A Brief History of Capitalism 1 What is unique about capitalism2 Creating a market system 3 The Industrial Revolution PART 2 The Economy and Work Today 5 Where do people work brief 6 The social organization of work brief 7Reflections on the economy since September 2008How did we get here and what now Aim of lectureThere is nothing natural about the market economy capitalismNothing normalCapitalist economy seen as common sense in Canada Overview key features of capitalism What is unique about capitalism What made these societies pharrohs etc noncapitalist was what they lacked in commonNo private propertyRecognize wealth but none legally recorded the land ownershipIndividuals did not have rights in any sense we had todayNo market systemAll had typical markets where food pottery etc was availableMarkets were the ornaments of societyNothing bonding economy with other nationsNo organized market to buy or sell land buy labour lend moneyTradition and Command were its iron structure
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