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Lecture 8

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Brock University
Sara Cumming

SOCI 1F90Crime and Deviance March 14 2012What is Criminology The body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenonIt includes within its scope the process of making laws breaking laws and reacting towards the breaking of laws SutherlandCressey 19603Multidisciplinary field that focuses on the explanation of crime that takes societal factors into account such as poverty or discriminationThe scientific study of crimeInformation on the causes of crime the patterns and trends of crimeAreas of interestdevelopment of criminal law and its use to define crime the causes of breaking the law and the methods implemented to control those that break the lawClockwork orangeif the state can deprive the individual of his freewill making him a clockwork orange what does this say about our behavior modification techniquesCrime and DevianceCrimeDesignates certain behaviours and actions that require social control and social intervention codified in lawDevianceActions that violate social norms and that may or may not be against the lawDifferent from a norm or accepted standards of societyBehaviour or appearance that deviatesgoes against the normsPicking nose and eating it is deviant but you wont go to jail for itMost crimes are understood as deviant however all deviant acts are not criminalChanges over TimeFemale body modification used to be seen as highly deviant o Proliferation of plastic surgery o Tattooing piercingSmoking was not deviant you could smoke everywhereThings that are deviant now may not be seen as deviant in a few yearsWhat is DeviantWhat are the accepted standardsWhere is the line When does something go from not deviant to deviantSexually explicit material vs pornographyWhen does art become pornographyProstitutionSocial DevianceAny acts that involve the violation of social normsIncludes our appearance relationships our sexuality where we live ie on streets vs in a home our jobs how we treat our bodies alcohol smoking drugs etcAmsterdam legalized marijuana and prostitution while its still seen as deviant here
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