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Lecture 11

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Daniel Glenday

Sex history: -in antiquity=the days of ancient Rome/Greece (Mesopotamian civilization) -had a lot of sexual imagery, fertility cults, they were upfront about sexuality -in middle ages, especially w/ Christianity, it became erota-phobia -they say the body is corrupt and sinful and it gets in the way of worshipping God -best way to avoid this was to go into isolation th 20 century=the sexual century -things changed -first half, sex was a taboo, don’t discuss but if people did, they used code words “she’s in a family way”=pregnant th -by the middle of the 20 century there was survey research Kinseysex researcher -before him, sexual behaviour was unexplored Masters and Johnsondid experimental research -put wires on men and women and put them in a room -took a record of what happened when they engaged in sexual activities Cher Heightsalso did survey research like Kinsey -this all informed us about sexual behaviour -before 1950, this was taboo Freudwas an essentialist -invented psychotherapy (psychiatrists) and psychoanalysis (physicians) -contrast essentialism vs. constructionism -essentialism= nature is what shapes humans -constructionism= sees differences as constructed by socialization process -differences in male and females are due to the biology -a boy develops strong independent sexuality by identifying w/ his father and separating from his mother -females develop a “penis envy”sense of inferiority -many cultures have placed women on pedestals -b/c of their ability to create new life -men should instead be in awe of women -Freud got the sexual century going -the sex drive is located in the idlibido=sex drive -the id is part of personality where you find instinctual drives -it is at the root of all human motivation and behaviour -idea of the unconscious and repression -when things happen to us that are traumatizing
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