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Anthro Lecture 1 - Soci1P80

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Dr Heiliener

SOCI 1P80 Into to Cultural Anthro Anthro – study of humanity including our prehistoric origins and contemporary human diversity 4 maj fields - Biological anthropology, human evolution ( not our course) - Archeology, remains etc (not this course again) - Linguistic anthropology, study of human communication, languages - Cultural anthropology, contemporary human cultural and social life A)Goals, history, scope - Cultural similarities/differences - Decentre own cultural practices/understandings  Make “the strange familiar and the familiar the strange” (spiro 1990) Human encounters with “other” cultures – intermingling, th th Emergence of scholarly discipline late 19 centaury/ early 20 centaury Wider context of Euro/US colonialism – anthro is a child of histoy of colonialism Theories of cultural evolutionism - eg “anthropology days @ 1904 Olympics” exhibits of the worlds people, or cultures, arranged in an evolutionary way …. Uncivilized – civilized geo-political project of colonialism - Rejections of cultural evolutionism o Bronislaw Malinowski ( important for his methodology)  Associated with anthro in Britain  Rejected the simplistic evolution in favour of functionalism  Different pieces that needed to be put into a whole, works effectively and can be understood  Workings of a culture not a ranking o Franz Boas  Euro->US  Cultural relativism – don’t judge it against the other cultures  ^ linked to the bronislaw functionalism - Now a global discipline World council of anthropology associations (WCAA) candian antho society (CASCA) variety of traditions that come together B) Concept of culture - “people’s learned and shared behaviour and beliefs” (gloss pg 4) Culture is not the same as nature Eg “natural” functions of eating, drinking, sleeping, eliminating are culturally variable Eating – when we eat where we eat what we eat wi
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