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Daniel Glenday

 Communications tom cruise and Nicole kidman o Big money makers  In sports, you have fabulously wealthy elite  Soccer players, Messi – Barcelona  Ronaldo Portugal  David Beckham  England  Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, yow ming (retired)  Hockey players  Crosby, malkon, clitcho brothers in boxing  International elites of three fabulously wealthy people have been formed  I don’t know much about the financial side of cricket  Cricket next to soccer is the most globalized sport, baseball comes behind cricket  Political institutions and United Nations  They tend to ignore global political organizations undermines national sovereignty and so have organizations like the EU (European Union)  United Nations  Growth of political institutions  History of how the UN was formed  All you have to know is that if he mentioned UNICEF is the United Nation’s Children’s Fund  When you are giving to charity  ask what proportion of every dollar goes to the people that actually need it  UNICEF has one of the worst records of all charitable organizaitons when it comes to that  The CEO of UNICEF receives 1.2 million a year which is 100 000 dollars a month plus all expenses plus a rolls Royce  If you want to give to charity  For the oakridge community centre who have breakfast for needy children  Before they go to school go to oakridge and get breakfast  Children who go to school with an empty stomach don’t learn very well  One of the best organization  100% in oakridge goes to it because people administering it are volunteers  one of the best charitable organizations is Salvation Army  90% goes to charitable  United Way is not as good  Countries that are members of the EU are subject to Parliament and subject to European courts  Neither is the high court in EU same thing applies  Merits and demerits in globalization are not raised  There was a case in Canada in which a war criminal for another countries made that supreme court of Canada made a decision should be deported , and they were going to deported and UN said no you can’t deport  the branch for UN Committee against torture setting  many countries in that committee practice torture  We have UN deport individual, you cant send back, he might torture  UN is not elected  We have electorial control over our courts  We elect the prime minister so we have democratic control  When it comes to UN we have no control over it  A global culture  two theses here o Single symbolic global culture (global consciousness) o (global culture) o is globalization producing a single symbolic global culture o if you can analyze globally o many people think globally today o many people say it began in 1969 o Neil Armstrong, took picture of the earth o Walking on
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