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Daniel Glenday

Parson: -talked about the sick role -the sick role is that your normal routine is suspended, you must want to get better, seek competent help and cooperate w/ practitioners -thus the medical establishment has lost some power in a growth to patient activism -today in Canada, 1/3 of Canadians follow their doctor’s advice w/o asking questions -people today are taught how to perform simple routine medical procedures on themselves -today, more people are going to the internet to get medical information -today, more people prefer several treatment options rather than a single course of action -this is the rise in the informed patient and rise in patient confidence -86% of Canadians ask physicians about procedures -76% are more likely to ask their doctors now than in the past -doctors routinely seek the permission of patients -most hospitals have established ethics committees -instance on the rise of political activism: -ex. AIDS -you sually find this in places of extreme poverty -particularly people who are not healthy and have weak immune system -absence of adequate health care -leading cause of death in Sub-Saharan Africa -Haiti is the poorest country in that are -good example of political activism influencing medical authority (not all) -AIDS activists challenged the fact that AIDS is a disease and got the UN to take up the cause -it has become over politicized more than any other disease in history -since the 80s the media wanted to create the impression that everyone was equally at risk of contracting the disease -in 1985 Life magazine said that no one is safe from AIDS -Everette Coop: surgeon general -developed the term heterosexual AIDS explosion -1993, Donna shields said AIDS would leave nobody left -today the center for disease control (HIB website) -Peter Piot: UNAIDS warned that HIV would cut through the asian population but this didn’t happen -UNAIDS also estimated that 32 million people were affected by AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa -in 2007, the UN had to cut that number in half and had to reduce the Asian figure by 38% -one of major critiques is Doctor J. Chin: -he is one of the people w
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