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SOCI 2P10 Sept. 17, 2012 What is Sociology?  Sociology: the systemic study of human groups and their interaction o Not individuals What is the goal of Sociology?  To understand the social world and our lives within it  Allows for the development of tools to explore critical questions: o How does the social world work? o How did it come to be this way and how is it changing? o How are our individual lives – our biographies and life chances – created and stunted by the social world we live in?  To allow or force us to look beyond the outer appearances of our social world What is the Sociological Perspective?  Sociological perspective: a view of society based on the dynamic relationships between individuals and the larger social network in which we all live  Mental illness -> position in society The Sociological Perspective  The sociological perspective helps us to see general social patterns in the behaviour of particular individuals o E.g. chewing food with mouth closed/open; social distance when talking to each other  Western lens (cultural)  Also encourages us to realize that society guides our thoughts and deeds – to see the strange in the familiar Strange in the Familiar  Ability to see what is familiar as being strange and peculiar (Peter Berger) o E.g. Facebook, clapping, tests, who should pay on the first date o Homelessness -> 40% have a mental illness  Looked at like it’s a personal trouble  C. Wright Mills (1916-1962) o People who do not, or cannot, recognize social origins and character of their problems may be unable to respond to these problems effectively o The individual and the social are linked and we cannot fully understand one from the other o Social imagination SOCI 2P10 Sept. 17, 2012 The Sociological Imagination  The ability to perceive how dynamic social forces influence individual lives  Ability to see connection between personal trouble and social issue  Reflected departure from views of ancient and medieval times that considered o Society as controlled by God and nature o Reliance on speculation rather than evidence Personal Troubles vs Social Issues  P.T: personal challenges that require individual solutions o How are the following P.T?  Grades
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