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Lecture 7

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Kevin Gosine

SOCI 2P11 -Lecture 7 Thursday, November th 8 , 2012 Experimentation Exam:  70 multiple choice  Choose 2 of 3 essay questions Study Design  Instructions on questionnaire  Remind it is voluntary and won’t be penalized for withdrawal and can withdrawal at any time  Sample on Sakai  Make it look professional ABC 20/20 what would you do, Racism in America Experiment:  Had a group of 3 white kids and 3 black kids vandalizing a car  Wanted to see how many people called the cops on each group of kids  More calls made when it was the group of black kids vandalizing the car  Race [independent] Number of responses [dependent]  Reduce spuriousness The experiment  A research method used to test a hypothesis that predicts a relationship between two variables  Compares two groups of observations under two conditions that are identical in every way expect one  Specially designed to satisfy the criteria for causality  Quantitative research design Purpose of experimental method  Demonstrates whether a causal relationship exists between two variables o Most effective for identify the three criteria for causality  Non spuriousness  Variables must be statistically correlated  Independent before dependent  Weed out things that would affect the dependent variable  Time/order criterion  Researchers can control when and what point in time the groups are exposed to the dependent variable  To isolate one variable in order to examine the effect of an independent variable on a dependent variable Three basic steps in conducting an experiment: 1. Formulate a hypothesis 2. Modify something in a situation 3. Compare outcomes with or without Independent variable:  Known in experimental research as the experimental stimulus or treatment variable  The variable that brings about an effect on a depend variable  Administered to the experimental group Dependent Variable  Outcome variable Comparison groups:  Experimental: exposed  Control: not exposed Sampling and experimentation  Want to be able to generalize the findings  Probability sampling o Equal probability of being chosen, can estimate sampling error  Random assignment o Randomly assigning them to the control or experiment group o Eliminates bias o No different between the two, besides their exposure Classical experimental design Two types of validity  Not the same as measurement  Internal o Refers to the ide
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