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Jenny Janke

CHYSSOCI 2P38May 8 2014Lecture TitleIntroductionThis bit in notebook12 Wells 2009 argues childhood is socially constructed p 2345 For example children require food shelter love attention physical needs require being met etc6Economic Influences 1 The economic mode of production of a nation ie socialist capitalist and economic policies directly impact children and adults lives2 Example During the IR of the 19th century children were seen as a cheap source of labour and coveted as such3 Example post WWII economic boom late 1940s and 1950s the concept of teenager emergedMarketers aggressively targeted teens as consumersmany had part time jobs and disposable income4 During periods of economic decline children and youth may be adversely impacted due to austerityCurrent Economic Trend of Neo Liberalism Market will dominatevery little human influence1 The rule of the market allowing the trickle down notion of wealth distribution2 Removal of any impediments to capital mobility such as regulations Anything seen as slowing downhindering the market is seen as dangerous3 Neo liberal economies look for Deregulation to allow market forces to act as a selfregulating mechanism ie standards laws legislation and regulatory measures4 Reducing government expenditure for social services such as health and education5 Restrictions on capital flows and investment and the privatization of public enterprise6 Changing perceptions of public and community good to individualism and individual responsibility social welfare vulnerable7 Sustained economic growth is the way to human progress
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