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Jenny Janke

Page1CHYSSOCI 2P38May 13 2014Lecture TitleGender An Introduction Gender used to justify inequality1 Central component of our selfidentity2 Gender is one of the most pervasive organizing factors in our social world3 A stratifying and dividing concept the values we assign to different genders is troubling4 The basis for many of the unequal division in our world5 Ability race class sexuality all intersect with gender Gender only lens approach is insufficient6 Gendered attitudes limit us ie Boys will be boysGirls cant do math Women are naturally caregivers Real men dont cry7 We experience and demonstrate a range of the qualities to limit ourselves is damaging8 Confusing term multiple misconceptions about gender and sex how natural it is biological basis etcDichotomy Genders Basis1 Gender is structured upon a binary we are either male or a female but it seems not both2 Binary dividing an ideaconcept into two distinct parts3 Result polarizing Devalue one half while overvalue the other4 Examples instinctreason naturenurture goodbad manwoman5 Traits associated with the masculine are overvalued those associated with femininity are devalued6 Male traits independence emotional reserve strengthFemale traits interdependence emotional weakness7 Ancient mythology structured masculine codes and expectations in the west8 To be a real man independent reject weakness fear the feminine control environment others etc9 West based upon masculine codes10 As kane 2013 demonstrated we emphasize difference Hegemonic Masculinity1 Form of male behaviour and expression of male identity that seeks to reinforce mens power and patriarchal values2 Based on characteristics such as Competition ambition homophobia physical strength slefreliance
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