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Jenny Janke

CHYSSOCI 2P38Date May 15Lecture Title Introduction1 From last week Gender is a social processPag2 Gender involves self and other identification performance of masculinity and femininitye13 Gender is an important basis for thinking about sexuality4 Contradictory messages regarding children youth and sexuality5 Belief that childrenyouth are innocent sexless Conversely youth is seen as sexy and proactive6 Adolescents are caught not quite the innocence of childhood but not ready for the adult world of sex7 Dichotomy divide between adult and child with regards to sexuality8 Further dichotomy is expectationsassumptions of male sexuality and female sexuality9 Historically girlswomen have not had the same legalsocialmedical autonomy10 Ex In 19th century Canada young women had a minute legal voicefathers brought cases of sexual assault rape forward11 Birth control was not legalized in Canada until 1969 and abortion not granted a medical right until 198912 Womengirls have been granted little legalpoliticalmedical rights to control their bodies13 Doull et al 2013 suggest that gender regimes institutional power relationships and individual gender relationships are highlighted through heterosexualityFrameworks of gender poweremphasizing power of masculinityhow masculine power is maintainedSites of Sexuality1 The state has a say in what we knowdothink about sexuality2 Legally does no mean no or does only a yes mean yes3 We must examine what young people learn about sex and attitudes around acceptable sexuality4 Education is a key site where the state intervenes in the lives of young people An example of how gender regimes are maintainedFearing Sexuality Moral Panic and Youth1 We are bombarded with mediapolice concern with wild teenage sexuality and sexual violence and the consequences of such
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