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Jenny Janke

Page1CHYSSOCI 2P38May 22 2014LECTURE TITLEthWe will finish up May 20 lectureINTRODUCTION1 Youth identities are structured upon notions of age gender class and race2 Race is a central aprt of our identitiy The body is the site where we do our identity3 Where do we learn about our race Where do we learn about what race means4 In Canada tension exists between familial expectationsidentities versus the dominant culture where whiteness dominates5 Schools and the media are two important forces in the lives of youth serve to reinforce normalcy6Schools are one site and media are a communicator of adolescent bullying7 Two sites where the forces of whiteness is often made invisible as though white is not a racial identity8 Examples discussing issues of race as side notes in history class or how the media can either reinforce the race of a victim or perpetrator or can erase race9 Radicalized bodies are important elements in the process of normalizing and white privilege 10 Notion of boundaries is central to our discussion of youth and radicalized identities boundaries exclude and otherHow Frequent is Bulling in Canada Statistics Canada Report1 Studies suggest that roughly 6 of students aged 12 to 19 report bullying others on a weekly basis 8 report that they are victims of bullying weekly and 1 report that they are both victimized and bully others on a weekly basis Volk Craig Boyce and King 2003 Rivers and Smith 1994 Haynie et al 20012 Bullying surveys also indicate that many more boys than girls report being victims of bullying and almost all boys named male peers as the aggressors3 A recent self report survey on delinquency among Toronto youth indicates that 16 of youths in grades 7 to 9 had been bullied on more than 12 occasions during the year prior to the survey Statistics Canada 2007
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