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Essay - 1500 words 5-6 pages times new roman 12pt MACULIITY - Tough Guise - Anybody’s son will do - Michael Kaulman - Raewyn Connell - One of the key boxes in which our identities are housed: o Socio-cultural-historical context (hunter vs farmer vs mechanic) o Discourses (social, cultural, academic) / beliefs and values o Identity-self-me o Personal meaning/feelings - What does it mean in his society to be a man? – ideal type o Sexuality o Aggressive o Tough o Contained o Ability to reproduce o Dominant o Violence o Strong - Physicality – tough, strong, potential for violence - Emotionality – contained/controlled/resilient - Personality/psychology – competitive/dominant/directive/independent - Communication – restricted/inhibited - How is masculinity expressed and symbolized in everyday interaction? Eg. Children in kindergarten? How can you tell the boys from the girls and vice versa - How can we tell that a non-verbal infant is male or female? o Posture o Movement-walking, unninng o Hair style o Clothing o Speech-pitch, loudness o Non verbal – eye contact, activity level, physical contact – shaking hands, etc - How is this masculinity created? Ie. What are the sources of male socialization? o Family – importance of father o Education – teachers, peers o Sports – coaches, peers, dominant games o Economy – consumer society – vested interest in masculinity and feminity o Mass media – role models, experiences o Social media? o Military – anybody’s son will do - How significant in terms of o Personal identifier – how core to ‘self’  Evidenced by deviance e.g. if someone transgresses masculinity ‘rules’ - Gender is core identity and core to social performances throughout our lives – perhaps inescapable – we are infatuated with ‘gender’ and gender expectations and gender roles – a key ay to understand reality (phenomenology) - W.I. Thomas “what men and women define as ‘real’ is ‘real’ in its consequences - Does gender, in this case masculinity, function to enhance the quality of social existence? Or, is traditional masculinity an ‘identity trap’ that undermines the quality of both men and women’s lives? Violence and masculinity - Part of the broader discussion of gender socialization - Note: gender is part of (interconnects with) larger variety of ways we are socialized into pattenrs of inequality (e.g. social class, dis/ability, race/ethnicity/culture/immigrant status, sexual orientation, age Biological roots of gender differences - Violence as “instinctive drive” for men? - Is biology destiny? What is human nature? - DNA = human nature
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