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SOCI 2P52 Week 11 Lecture

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Ann Duffy

March 22/13 SOCI 2P52: Occupational/Professional Socialization - Adult socialization may entail a dramatic revision of “who you are” and how you experience life - Changes in an organization or bureaucratic structure are often introduced through changes in the socialization process ex. Teaching/policing - The impact of adult socialization into occupations/careers cannot be fully understood without ecological viewpoint ex. Historical/societal contexts – from local to global (school, community, city, country, etc.) Policing Article a) Role of anticipatory socialization ex. Military experience; security experience; mass media b) Role of gender socialization ex. Hegemonic masculinity – aggression, dominance, power c) Importance of Indirect/Informal Socialization ex. “war stories”; actual on-the-job informal training Police Socialization as Historical/Social Construct - Paramilitary model versus Community model Why? – Historical issues - Violence and resentment in minority communities - Impact of affirmative action legislation – representation in police force - Failures of paramilitary approach ex. Riots, unsolved crimes, rise of gangs (conceptions about certain, people, areas, etc.) Problems for police in paramilitary organization - Us-them mentality –inefficient - Insularity in police community – no one understands what we do – family stress - Peer orientation (inward looking) – basis for wall of blue – secrecy, deceit - Overflowing prisons; recidivism; minorities and prisons Introduction of Community Policing - Win over the confidence and co-operation of the and co-operation of the local community - Reflect local community - Use tips and informants from local community to solve crimes Policy: Role of Police - Colleges/community/university articulation agreements – creation of new police - Introduce new role models, new curricula to policing (race/gender/class/sexuality) - Examples: scenarios (role taking), debriefing (identity prejudices in action), emphasis on flexibility Social Historical Resistance to Change: a) Militarization post 9-11 in Canada and US – impact on
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