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Professor Cottrel

 ubiquity  taboo  libido  Kinsey o Alfred Kinsey wrote books on human sexual behaviour in human male & female  Masters and Johnson o 2 researchers did experiments by putting wires on men & women and recorded all the info collected while they had sex (organs pulses)  Cher Hite Report o Did survey research on sexual behaviour  Ovum o Female egg  Embryo o Fertilized egg  Male has X,Y Embroy  Female has XX embryo  Testicular o Tissue begins to evolve when it’s a male  Hermaphrodites o Contains male and female sexual hormones o Has sperm and ovum  Hermes o Male god (greek) whp was a hermaphrodite  Greeks thought he was supernatural   Aprhrodite o Female god o Born when uranus’ genitals were cut off and thrown into the sea  Genitalia o Genitals, sexual characteristics o Secondary sexual characteristics  Male/female features of sexuality (breasts)  Navajo o Aboriginal group in south west of USA o People who were intersexed became influential people in the tribe  Phalanx o Formation in army (Greece) o Soldiers were encouraged to participate in homosexual behaviour  When formation breaks we are in trouble  Heterosexuals o Meterosexuality  Missionary Position o Position of sex ta
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