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Art of Interpretation Qualitative Data Analysis Challenges  Textual o Transcripts  Cumbersome o Can’t remember all the detail of all interviews  Guidelines  On-going o Connect cases to each other o Show wider significance  Not mechanical o Always on-going Content Analysis  Inferences via systematic coding o Making inferences through systematic coding o Can be done to any type of data including field notes, interview transcripts and videos  Counting and categorizing o Count the amount of times something occurs  Distinguish levels of content o Manifest  Literal or surface meaning the data o Latent  Deep and abstract meaning Grounded Theory  Strauss and Glaser o Analytical method by which theory is derived from data  Iterative Process o Data collection and analysis perceive together  Inductive Process o Moving from specific to the generic o General pattern of order in society  Constant Comparison o Comparing the data and the concepts o See similarities o Comparing categories with the data Open coding  Assign labels  Line by line  Interpretive but grounded  Non-standardized  Precise or general  Multiple codes for one segment  Fluid process  Multiple methods Guidelines  Code as soon as possible  Make as many codes as possible  Continuously review your codes  Consider more general theoretical ideas in relation to codes  Keep coding in perspective  Proceed to focused coding and memos  INVIVO - in the words of the respondent  Socially constructed codes Focused coding  Process of developing themes from categories  Work intensively with open codes to identify analytical categories  Create an index of common or repeating open codes  Sort the occurrences of open codes  Refine or collapse open codes  Latent content o Broader analytical themes Memoing  “descriptions of how you are thinking about the data” o Warren and Karner pp. 241-242  Procedural Memos o What you did o Keep track of thoughts o Meaning of the categories you a
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