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Laura Wiebe

Lecture #3 Music and Youth Essay  Cite everything  1800-2000 words  Any citation form (APA, MLA, Chicago) (always cite page #s)  Due 3 weeks after presentation Youth, Music and Panic: Two extremes  Seeing young people as ‘victims’ of the cultural industries o PMRC (parent’s music resource centre) o Bad influence of rock music o Gore: tried to sensor music  Filthy fifteen (Prince, Twisted Sister, Cindy Lauper, Motley Crew)  “Harmful” to youth  Sexual content, cults, “porn rock”  Seeing young people as folk devils o E.g. blackboard, jungle, quadrophenia Politics  Source of ‘adult’ anxiety o 1960s hippie counterculture  Jimi Hendrix US national anthem o 1970s UK punk scene Early Subcultural Theory  Chicago School, 1920s/1930s+ o Social groups, labeled deviance o Didn’t view it as psychological o Deviance as sociological phenomenon o Merton, deviance by socially disadvantaged  Can’t succeed with American dream Subculture  A subset of people in society with shared values, norms, goals and ends. Who understand each other but are misunderstood by those outside the group  What is viewed as deviant by society might be normal within a group Birmingham School: centre for contemporary cultural studies (CCS)  Working against these ideas o That youth affluence in 1950 and 1960s UK was contributing to the evolution of classless society o Mass media inevitably dupes and/or exploits its audiences o Influenced by Antonio Gramsci’s concept of hegemony o Clark p.95  Influence o Resistance through rituals  Working-class subcultures “win space fo
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