Intro to Sociology

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1 Oct 2011

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Intro to Sociology
September 15, 2011
Sociology is the scientific study of human social behaviour. Sociology offers a unique understanding of
our immediate surroundings and the world around us by looking at social location. (gender, age,
location, etc)
The Sociological Imagination: a way of looking at the world which links individual problems with
important social issues.
Society is a group of humans broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, shared
institutions, usually a common territory and/or national culture, and who feel they are a part of a
unified and distinct entity.
→ society aka “national community”
Natural Sciences: Social Sciences:
• biology • sociology
• geology • anthropology
• chemistry • political science
• physics • economics
• psychology
Sociology helps you see beyond the obvious:
being bound to “private” lives
explanations remain personal and within industrialized social circles
any understanding of personal history must take place into account both private life and
seeing the broader social context
the Growing Global context: societies throughout the world are increasingly interconnected
through technology and economics
many problems that we face in Canada are more serious elsewhere
Importance of Global Perspective: thinking globally is a good way to learn more about
Development of Sociology:
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