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Lecture 5

SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Critical Race Theory, Richard Dyer, False Dilemma

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Sara Cumming

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murton argues that the “I” is a b or c but he didn't actually theorize about the “I” mead did!!!
Power is the theme that goes through modern theories
35 multiple choice
10 true and false
Post Colonial Theory Review
-Edward Said
-False Dichotomy between the West (Occident) and the East (Orient)
-Academic, Imaginative, Institutional
Anti Racist Theories
-Critical Race Theory
-Racism is endemic to American life
-Acts of racism are not individual, isolated, random acts
-Insists on contextual/historical analysis of the law
-Value in drawing on experience
-Lens of historical racism
Theorizing Whiteness
-Whiteness as a racial identity
-Richard Dyer (1997) Whiteness
-Whites thought of as simply people while non-white are understood as distinct races
-Binary construction
What is the scientific method
-A systematic organized series of steps that ensures maximum objectivity and consistency in
researching a problem
-objective is that there is one truth
-subjective is there is many truths
Steps to Research
-define the problem review the literature, formulate a hypothesis,
Doing the research
-Three step process
-choose the method
-collect the data
-analyze the results
Social Research Paradigms
-Quantitative Research
-Social life converted into numerical understanding the world
-Relavent Patterns
-Cause and effect questions
Quantitative continued
-1. a single objective TRUTH can be discovered
-2. there are right and wrong answers
-3. numbers don’t lie
-4. research can be objective and unbiased
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