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Lecture 8

SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Universal Access To Education, Acculturation

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Sara Cumming

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Transferring Knowledge and Skills
-Credential Society (collins, 1979)
-Determines eligibility for a job
-Generally at work not at school we learn specific job knowledge
-Anonymity of industrial societies
-Sorting device
-Major advances in need for university degrees
-ADVANCED degrees coveted by employers
-Lower unemployment rate
Education in Early Societies
-Transmission of culture from one generation to the next
-Those with leisure time. i.e. the wealthy
-Universal education
-Church had strong influence
-Civilize First Nations
-Guidance in mortality and obedience
-Political socialization
-Movement from agriculture makes education essential
Education: Framing the Issues
-Education is formal in Canada
-A constellation of norms, values and practices
-A team of specialists both inside the classroom and outside of it
-A specific location for systematic instruction (school, college, university)
-And appropriate equipment
-Develop individual
-Canada spends a significant amount of money on education
-Education is undergoing a profound transformation today
-Schools are often blame for society’s ills
Characterization of space and how they identify with that space. This is how racial spaces are
multiculturalism class is a why to say they have contained the situation and it is no longer inthe
institutions hands
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