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Lecture 11

SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Polyamory, Pansexuality, Normative Social Influence

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Sara Cumming

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The social constriction of sexualities
-Sexuality includes
-sexual orientation - whom you are attracted to sexually
-sexual identity - butch, femme, heteroflexible, straight etc
-sex acts - kissing, oral sex, penetration, bondage etc
-sex lives - polyamory, monogamy, infidelity, age of consent
-Commodification of sex - prostitution, pornography
-Meanings are embedded in our language, laws, popular culture, social rituals and
medical definitions
-Learn what is deemed socially appropriate and inappropriate through interactions
-Meanings of sexual desires, sexual acts, sexual expressions have social approval
and which are disavowed
-eg. kissing
Sexual Identities
-includes our sense of self as masculine or feminine, our knowledge of our bodies,
sexual histories, sexual preferences
-convey through language and interaction
-sexual orientation refers to an individual’s sexual and emotional attraction to a person
of a particular sex
-Historically, “closeted” and subjected to systemic oppression
-Heterosexism is the practise of holding up heterosexuality as the ideal and as
-Homophobia is an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals
-Attracted to and/or engage in sexual activities with members of the opposite sex
-Reinforced through surveillance (Foucault)
-Social organization of Heterosexuality vary across time and location
-In western societies tends to be organized around marriage or long-term
relationships and monogamy
-Enjoy social privilege
-Attracted to both men and women
-may shift between heterosexual and homosexual relationships over their lives
-Challenges to notion that heterosexuality and homosexuality are mutually exclusive
and oppositional catergories
-Romantic and sexual desire for people regardless of their gender identity of
biological sex
-includes attracted to transsexuals and transgendered individuals
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