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SOCI lecture 1 :)

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Nancy Cook

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Lecture 1
September 9th, 2011
What is Sociology?
The systematic study of human groups and their interactions.
It’s an abstract concept
A set of forces exerted by people over one another and themselves
Sociology identifies, explains, and challenges those forces; trying to
intervene in our academic work
Economy are large social forces
Mortgage crisis in the US.
C. Wright Mils (1959)
American sociologist
Sociological imagination
A way of thinking sociologically that connects dynamic
relationships between a large society to individuals’ lives
Shifts perspectives from personal to social to see their
Society changes all the time, its not static
Gender nature of higher education – women get treated differently
then men
Sociology as Critical
Thinking means thinking critically
Not taking truths for granted for the way things work
Based on the value of social justice
How does inequality be exposed and undermined?
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