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Lecture 4

SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Social Order, Bourgeoisie, Complex Number

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Classical Social Theories
What is Theory?
Explanation of a social phenomenon
Tattoo has become a cultural phenomenon over the last 20 years and theorists
go on to explain how and why tattoo is increasing
Examples include, The Bigbang or Darwins Theory of Evoultion
Darwin not only described in his theory but also explained why and the how.
Theorist are far from isolated, they are in constant dialogue with other theories to
improve upon their theories
Social Theories differ from Physical Theory
Description (what) Plus explanation (how,why)
Common Sense: Everyday theorising
Not Quite Systematic
Opinions, received wisdom
Inconsistent and incoherent
Formal Theory
Systematic and coherent explanation based on rigorous social observation
Systematically describes and explains social phenomenon
Every social phenomenon needs explaining
Nothing is Self Evident
In 2013, 16,000 families in St.Catherines used food banks but why?
78% of individuals who live under the poverty line, work full time but why?
In the 2011 Consensus, Women were paid less than men for the same job with
the same roles to fulfill but why?
Explaning the Suxual Double Standard, why women having multiple partners are
negatively critiqued while men are lauded
Systematic Searching for the actual causes of Phenomenon
Huge body of sociological theory, dating from the 19th century
Learning Formal Theory
Different schools of thought
Critical Race Theories
Each has a set of common premises
Are we living in a just world
How can unequal societies be shaped to change
The relationship between the individual and the Society
Each address key sociological questions
Learn the key premises of each school
Be able to compare are contrast the schools of thought to be able to strengthen
our explanations of the world
Is society characterized by Social order or Social Conflict?
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