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18 Apr 2012
SOCI 1F90 - EDUCATION LECTURE 2/29/2012 2:07:00 PM
-Multiple choice questions only from this lecture onwards
-Short and long answers on everything from January (most of exam)
-Myths about families are important
-Education if formal in Canada
- a constellation of norms, values, and practices
- a tam of specialists both inside the classroom and outside of it
- a specific location for systematic instruction (school, college, university)
- and appropriate equipment (computer systems, desks, books)
- citizenship (prepares individual for this by teaching responsibilities, rights,
- skill (gives you skill set)
- develop individual
- Canada spends a significant amount of money on education
- 49% increase in # of applications to university in Ontario since 2000
despite the fees (tuition rates increase)
- high school dropout rate went down by half over the past 20 years
- 1990 high school dropout rate = 17%, 2009/2010 high school dropout rate
= 8.5%
- education focuses of consumerism much more than before, teaches you
how to make money instead of expanding your horizons and acquiring
- education is undergoing a profound transformation today
- process that is inflexible and bureaucratic
- schools are often blamed for society‟s ills
- Canada has a very high literacy rate, however up to 40% of Canadians lack
basic literacy skills (includes 20% of our recent high school graduates)
- educational system transformed to the point where it is almost impossible
to fail, some schools consider 35% a passing grade (high school)
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- schools are blamed for kids doing bad in school, teen pregnancies,
violence, etc. instead of blaming parents
- low attention spans, discomfort with written word, an acceptance of
discontinuity and fragmentation as normal conditions, and a disrespect for
the past as a source for knowledge or wisdom
- kids are blamed for this, yet the same students are expected to excel
academically, adjust to bodily changes, separate themselves psychologically
from their parents, develop a network of friends, commit to educational
goals, and establish a sexual identity
- during high schools; decide whether you‟re going to take on conformist
ideologies or deviant ones
-some scholars argue that universities‟ expectations are being buffered ?
- Keeping the Ivory Tower White
- McDonalidization
-universities are places of underfunding, dwindling resources, increased
commercialization, mounting work loads; some say corporate interests are
calling the shots; many are concerned about university being corporate
place than a place of thoughts ?
A. Functionalism: The Liberal Theory of Education
1. The ideal of Liberal Education
a. John Dewey thought schools were important for democracy and
developing industrial society. Thought it was a good tool for
eliminating extremes in wealth, school system could foster equality,
argued it‟s the most efficient way to train the work force, so
education was highly compatible with capitalism
argues families are not adequate enough to socialize children
schools primarily socialize children from the values of their families
to the universal, neutral and achievement values of the world
significant that 9/10 teachers were women because of women‟s
natural orientation to nurture, children try to please them as though
they are their mothers (for elementary schools), as you go on it
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