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23 Apr 2012
Lecture 5 - Media
- Receive between 3000-5000 product impression per day
- Naomi Klein “No Logo”
- Do logos honestly impact us? What do they tell us about society? Ourselves? What are
our perceptions of people who purchase specific labels
- In brock we have one brand that you see all around the school
- Because of this brand marketing we have become mindless consumers
- When you see BMW and Audi you see nice cars you should have wealth for
- Celebrity culture popularizing certain people who society says has certain attributes
that make them exceptional.
o In history people used to have talent and positive attributes
o Now you are famous for no other reason (Paris Hilton is famous because her
parents have money, because she released a sex tape and people followed her
Advertising and Gender
Killing us softly video
o Women sex objects
o Bodies shown in pieces
o Sells normalcy
o Tells us what it means to be good looking
o Ridiculously thin, flawless, big breasted
o Sells what is actually impossible
o Attempts to rectify the problem
Dove campaign for real beauty launched in 2004 mission was to make women of all
shapes and sizes feel beautiful every day. Campaign inspired by “the real truth about
o Through this study they wanted to understand the idea of women and beauty so
the sent a a questionnaire to 2000 different women in 10 different countries
o Wanted to know how women determine beauty, define beauty, learn level of
satisfaction with womens beauty, and understand impact beauty has on well-
being of women
o Findings: only 2% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.
81% of women in the US strongly agree that media sells unrealistic standards of
o Only 5% of women felt comfortable as describing themselves as pretty while
only 9% could feel comfortable with describing themselves as attractive
o These dove commercials are an example of cause marketing (corporations take
on a cause to seem more humanitarian in order to attract customers such as
Ronald McDonald house, Tim Hortons camp, cocacola polerbears)
o Dove hired only average looking women (these women ranged from 6-12 but the
average size is size 14, with celluilite)
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Men and Media
Tough Guise the front many men put up in order to take on that extreme form of
masculinity, show the ‘manly’ parts of you, strong, in control, powerful
Jackson Cats argues we have a crisis in masculinity due to the impact media has on
Wizard of Oz when Dorthy pulls back the curtain to see a small older man
Boys have just as much influence and pressure to be masculine not a “pussy, fag, bitch,
“reality” Television
Reality TV gives us an unattainable view of reality, this reality is not actually realistic at
Todays Music
Why do we spend billions on advertising? Because people answer the ads. This type of
music is a form of advertising… And I’ve seen kids who have responded to the ads. IVE
o Ken Wooden, investigative reporter for 20/20
Teens listen to and average of 4.5 hours of music a day
Increase risk of drug use?
o “the study authors noted that music represents a pervasive source of exposure
to positive images of substance use. The average adolescent is exposed to
approximately 84 references to explicit substance use per day and 591
references per week, or 30, 732 references per year”
o “Teens who said they listened to lots of music with degrading sexual messages
were almost twice as likely to start having intercourse or other sexual activities
within the following two years as were teens who listened to little or no sexual
degrading music”
o Influence depends how song is portrayed, when men are sex studs, women are
sex objects and more talk about sex acts are more likely to increase sexual acts in
9/10 kids have an iPod or mP3
Exposure to alcohol use and cigarette smoking in TV and movies increases children’s use
Violence and Music
- “Don’t you get it bitch? No one can hear you, now shut the fuck up, and get what’s
comin’ to you/// you were supposed to love me!! (choking sound) now bleed, bitch,
bleed, bitch, bleed, bleeeeed!” – Kim by Eminem
- Promoting violence
Link Between Suicide and Media
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