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23 Apr 2012
Lecture 9 Globalization
LIT REVIEW - Tues 10-12, 1-3 Wednesday 10-12, 1-3 Thursday 10-12 Friday 10-12
Globalization - Complex Chains of interdependencies that link the local and the global
- Osama BinLadin gun made in Russia, American watch, high-tech video camera
- First used in the 1960s
- Buzzword in 1990s
- Captured increasingly interdependent nature of social life
- Globality: social condition that is characterized by global interconnections and flows that
make existing borders and boundaries irrelevant
o Social outcome of multiple interactions, economic, political, cultural and
- Globalization: set of social processes that transform our social condition into one of
o Shift forms of human contact and create forms of social change
What is driving Glabalization
Is globalization uniform or uneven process?
How does globalization differ from previous social developments
Does gloablization create newforms of inequality and hierarchy?
- Assumption that it is a dynamic process not static
Characteristics of Globalization
1. Creation of new social networks that transgress old boundaries (over come traditional
a. satellite news
b. Allows social arrangements to transcend social boundaries
2. Expansion and Stretching of social relations and activities over space
a. Todays financial markets stretch around globe
b. Identical shopping malls in different continents
c. Buy commodities from anywhere in the world
d. Stretching NGO’s, businesses, social clubs and global institutions (UN, doctors without
borders, google)
3. Intensification and acceleration of social exchanges and activities
a. Rapid development of new information and technologies
b. Internet relays information in real time, satellites send instant pictures
c. Intensification of worldwide social relations what happens locally is shaped by things
happening around the world
4. Awareness of decreasing importance of geographical boundaries/distances
a. Makes us feel like citizens of the world (cosmopolitism)
5. Multidimensional: economic, political, cultural, ideological, environmental
a. Can’t be reduced to a single domain
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