SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sex Trafficking, Gonorrhea, Queer Theory

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11 Feb 2016
Lecture 11
January 6 2016.
Movie Clip: The Sessions
- Disability in Sexuality
- He was terried and anxious which shows how sexuality is attached to
our identities
- This is about our morality— what we think is appropriate way to express
sexuality as she wanted to make sure he realized that she was not a
- Gendered— usually men are dominant and in control and eager yet he
was nervous and subordinate
- Men are usually not ‘allowed’ to show their emotion but he did
Queer Theories
- Sexual social inequalities
- Challenge heterosexism
- Ways in which we think about and behave toward ourselves and others
as sexual beings (Plummer)
- Social, social-psychological, and cultural aspects
Sociological Interest in Sexuality — Social Factors
1. Number of sexually linked social problems
- Sexually transmitted infections on the rise
- Young Canadians — majority new cases
- Chlamydia (20-24 yrs) Gonorrhoea (15-19)
2. Visibility of sex related social movements
- Same sex marriage
3. Technological Changes
- Viagra
4. The globalization of Sexuality
- Sex Tourism (Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Netherlands)
- Morality — ex. prosecution for acts abroad involving children
- Sex tra<cking even with children
- Zurich — Sex Boxes
5. explicit sexuality in consumer culture
- Magazines with naked or exposed people (women) on cover
- Good bodies, cologne
6. Development of the Internet
- Ads on websites with “available singles”
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