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Lecture 6

SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Hegemonic Masculinity, The Birdcage, Celery

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Sara Cumming

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February 10, 2016
Bodies, Aging and Health
Theories Cheat Sheet
- Functionalism: macro, everything serves a function, working hormonal together,
- Conflict Theorist: macro, power, struggles for power, power is something you have or
don’t have, 1 group over another, exploitation, aggression, capitalism(evil), pits
people against each other, something to purchase.
- Symbolic Interactionist: micro, interpersonal relationships, about the meaning,
- Feminist Theory: micro/macro, based on equality, gender, depending on which wave
goes into intersectionality, why in 2016 why is there still a wage gap between men
and women?
- Post Structuralist: discourse, ideas about something, “what does it mean to be a good
-Social relations shape our bodies.
-gender, race, class, sexuality, age, ability
-race example: “white chicks” the movie, how they portrayed themselves,
-class example: mcdonalds vs. the keg, how you feel
-ability example: how people read us, or dont read us
-These relations always in tension
-Struggle for control
-example: legislation that controls women rights for abortion
-“Body Work” (Coffey)— “any practice that is undertaken to modify or maintain
some aspect of the body, often linked to the appearance of the body”
-judging people by whats on the plate in front of them, tattoos.
-Central to our sense of self
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February 10, 2016
-military stripping sense of self and individuality i.e.: uniforms
-Social power(ex.appearance & attractiveness”
-ads: jennifer annistan (all blondes, for men all muscles)
-No neutral, universal, objective truth about what is attractive
-attractiveness varies by culture, and overtime
-North America
-we value: youth
-we hide: aging (colouring our hair, serums for wrinkles
-Ideal Body shapes are unachievable
-GI Joe: 1964, 6ft tall, 12.2” biceps, now: 26.8” biceps
-Barbie: if she was real waist 16”, bust 32”, hips 29”
-campaigns showing realistic people, now you can buy barbies at different
heights, weights, races, etc.
-lego human in wheelchair, now showing disability
-Ideals are also racialized
-westernize: asian girls under going surgery for reshape their eyes for the
western look
-standards of white women, ads for black women to straighten their hair
-Resistance- can become co-opted
-entry of denim:
-shame, ridiculed: people can face discrimination based on trying to find housing,
employment (fat people vs. skinny people)
-Miss Congeniality
-body work: for appropriate heterosexual femininity,
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