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Lecture 2

SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Internet Privacy, Ethical Consumer

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Sara Cumming

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SOCI 1F90 Seminar 2: Culture
September 17 – 23
Readings: Rethinking Society
Chapter 14: Anne West, Jane Lewis and Peter Currie. Students’ Facebook ‘Friends’: Public and
Private Spheres, 147-159.
Chapter 15: Matthew Adams and Jayne Raisborough. Making a Difference: Ethical Consumption
and the Everyday, 161-171.
Discussion Questions:
Chapter 14: How do students deal with older adult Facebook ‘friends’? Why? What privacy
factors facilitate or mitigate having older adults as Facebook ‘friends’? How do student
Facebook users understand and practice online privacy?
Chapter 15: What is ‘ethical consumption’? Provide examples. Why are dominant
understandings of the ‘ethical consumer’ problematic? What alternative do the authors
provide for understanding ethical consumption practices? Why? How do they understand the
relationship between ethics and consumption?
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