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Lecture 2

SOCI 2P95 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Lgbt, Social Isolation, Role Conflict

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Ann Duffy

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SOCI 2P52 January 18, 2013
Seminar advice:
a) Clear, focused and accessible question e.g. do young people today see ‘parenting’ as less central
to their adult identities? The Case Against Having Children (Macleans)… why and what are the
implications? Or, are families becoming smaller and what are the implications for childhood
socialization and for society?
b) Generate discussion including connections to personal experiences, concrete mass media
examples, other courses, other social institutions
a. Keep in mind all the various agents of socialization e.g. education-teachers; sports-
fathers; social media-Facebook; film, TV
b. Consider all the powerful societal influences e.g. economic insecurity, high-
unemployment, dual earner families, globalization, increasing racial/ethnic diversity,
loss of the middle-class, immigration
c. Consider diversities as well as deviant/unusual/exceptional examples of process e.g.
violent fathering, fathing in single-mother families
c) Provide one or two (each presenter) additional resources that address your question explain
what these articles have to say and why they are important (share the citations and brief verbal
summary with seminar)
d) No black/white, cut/dried answers to most questions open discussion
Structure of Presentation:
a) Begin with Agenda write it on the white board or hand out copies
b) Draw together the discussion at the end with some tentative conclusions or new set of
questions e.g. if this seminar is representative, many Canadians are planning to have one or no
children and this will dramatically affect family life in the future
1. Read your presentation (it should be interactive)
2. Summarize the required readings (exception a short verbal summary of additional resource)
3. Rely on laptop for youtube, etc.
4. Don’t speak softly and look down
Basic Sociological Framework
Self/Identity (agency/resistance)
Roles (socialization, role conflict, etc)
Web of Institutions KREEMMP
o Kinship, religion, education, economy, mass media, military, policies
Relationships amongst institutions (social system) (economy*)
Society socio-historical-global context
Located in history/culture dynamic, changing, diverse
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