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SOCI 2P95 Lecture Notes - Raewyn Connell, Ideal Type, Reference Group

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Ann Duffy

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- 1500 words 5-6 pages times new roman 12pt
- Tough Guise
- Anybody’s son will do
- Michael Kaulman
- Raewyn Connell
- One of the key boxes in which our identities are housed:
o Socio-cultural-historical context (hunter vs farmer vs mechanic)
o Discourses (social, cultural, academic) / beliefs and values
o Identity-self-me
o Personal meaning/feelings
- What does it mean in his society to be a man? ideal type
o Sexuality
o Aggressive
o Tough
o Contained
o Ability to reproduce
o Dominant
o Violence
o Strong
- Physicality tough, strong, potential for violence
- Emotionality contained/controlled/resilient
- Personality/psychology competitive/dominant/directive/independent
- Communication restricted/inhibited
- How is masculinity expressed and symbolized in everyday interaction? Eg. Children in
kindergarten? How can you tell the boys from the girls and vice versa
- How can we tell that a non-verbal infant is male or female?
o Posture
o Movement-walking, unninng
o Hair style
o Clothing
o Speech-pitch, loudness
o Non verbal eye contact, activity level, physical contact shaking hands, etc
- How is this masculinity created? Ie. What are the sources of male socialization?
o Family importance of father
o Education teachers, peers
o Sports coaches, peers, dominant games
o Economy consumer society vested interest in masculinity and feminity
o Mass media role models, experiences
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