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Brock University
Sport Management
Ghislain Thibault

Sport policy sept 18 2012 How and why doping became banned -“the anit doping business, wherever it occurs, seems to have similar stages… there’s a shock phase which is then typically followed by what I would call the administrative phase- the policy phase” -Knud Jensen, Rome, 1960 -history of anti doping initiatives/policies -IOC publishes its first list of banned substances in 1968 -first extensive testing for drugs in 1976 in Montreal -1983 PanAm games in Caracas Venezuela -Canada’s first “shock” -1983 PanAm games were very unexpected testing -“quite a free for all”+ -19 positive tests -drug us e and doping control (1983) -written in one day by two sport Canada admins -required NSOs to have a plan st nd -bans of one year (1 offence) and life (2 offence) -1984 – 1988 -sport medicine council of Canada develops standard operating procedures (SOPs) -appeal procedures put in place for athletes -testing begins at Canada games -Canada hosts first permanent world conference in doping in sport, at which international Olympic charter against doping in sport is adopted -Canadian policy “one of the most stringent in the world” -1988 – Seoul Olympic Games -PM Brian Mulroney establishes the commission of inquiry into the use of drugs and banned practices intended to increase athletic performance, aka The Dubin Inquiry -The Dubin Report (1990) recommended the creation of an anti-doping agency at arm’s length from government and sport organizations -1991, the Canadian anti-doping organization (CADO) is created and a new policy is issued: The Canadian Policy on Penalties for Doping in Sport -CADO administers the policy using the SOPs as guidelines -1983- drug use and doping control, NSOs -1991- canadian policy on penalities for doping in sport, CADO -1992- CADO becomes canadian centre for drug free sport -1995- CCDS merger with fair play canada results in canadian centre for ethics in sport (CCES) -2000- SOPs become canadian doping control regulations (CDCR) -WADA Era Begins -1998 Tour de France scandal -IOC convenes First Wrold Conference on Doping in Sport, Lausanna, 1999 -the major recommendati
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