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Brock University
Sport Management
Craig Hyatt

Nov 20 2012 SPMA3P65 Promotion and public relations - The PR image can totally negate immense promotional efforts o Orlando predators and “Inflatable doll night” and their bill board campaign as well  500 dollars to the best sex toy brought in  “Get behind your Orlando predators” - Exercising good judgement and taste in promotion will prevent negative PR Controlling the marketing function - The marketing department must function effectively - An organization ensures this by creating a marketing control plan A comprehensive marketing control plan can… - Ensure the creation and delivery of products that satisfy consumer wants and needs - Nurture and preserve the credibility of the image that consumers hold of both the product and the organization, and - Set a clear direction for all units and personnel Elements of an effective marketing control system - Mission statements and objectives created in light of current market position as compared to desired position - An organization structure that marshals resources to meet objectives - Employee performance standards and criteria that logically link performance to objectives - Methods to adjust strategy, structure, and personnel in light of performance An optimal organizational chart for the sport marketing function - Page 421 DRAWN ON THE BOARD - Performance measures for the marketing units o How does the boss know each unit is doing i
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