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Brock University
Tourism Management
Caroline Starrs

nd Scie 1p50 Oct. 2 2013 th Midterm –Friday Oct. 25 Typical midterm questions 1. What is the definition of sustainables development? a) Using resources to benefit future generations, even if it means lower availablility b) Letting future generations figure out their own problems c) Using resources to satisfy current needs without compromising future availability d) Letting each country decide its best interest 2. Which of the following is an example of a non-renewable resource? a) Fossil fuels b) Trees c) Water d) Agricultural land 3. Based on the concepts presented by Hardin in his 1968 essay, “the tragedy of the commons” which of the following represents a global commons? a) The atmosphere b) An oak tree c) Backyard pond d) All of these 4. Which of the following statements about chronic toxicity are correct? a) The effects of toxicants following exposure are usually immediate b) Human diseases that are the result of chronic toxicity infections c) The effects to toxicants following exposure is prolonged …. 5. Mercury is a substance that is extremely stable and may take many years to break down into a less toxic form. This is an example of _________? a) Biological magnification b) Persistence c) Bioaccumulation d) Mobility of persistent toxicants 6. Do you think the rest of the world can have an ecological footprint as large as the footprint of Canada? a) Definitely not; the world does not have that many resources b) Yes, because the footprint of Canada is not really that large c) Yes, because we will find new technologies and resources nd 7. According to the 2 law of thermodynamics… a) Energy cannot be created or destroyed (1 law)t nd b) Things tend to move toward a more disorderly state (2 law) c) Matter can be created, but not energy d) Kinetic energy is the most efficient source of energy 8. Moore et al (2013) calculate that water was the 2 largest are of the EFA of metro Vancouver in 200
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